Hot Pilates uses the principles of Pilates, Breath, Yoga, and HIIT cardio, to strengthen your muscles and burn fat.

This class is designed for all levels and is beginner friendly. Hot Pilates is an intense full body workout that is low impact to support your body.  

This comprehensive Hot Pilates course covers over 30 exercises including some original exercises from Joseph Pilates repertoire.

In this training you will gain in depth knowledge about anatomy, alignment, safety, teaching methodology, and musicality.

You will receive a full ready to teach Hot Pilates Sequence.  This sequence is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness from the beginner to the most advanced.  This master sequence is specifically crafted to be low impact and offer various layers in order to set up your students for success.

You will also be able to design progressive classes that are safe and affective.  Good luck with your teaching and enjoy this course!